Swing Base will be losing its rental contract and therefore its beautiful studio at the end of Mai 2020. -even more increased rents combined with less students and now the complete shut down of the school for weeks due to Corona… we just can’t keep up!
Find all information about the situation here:

You’ve already made up your mind… you want to learn Lindy Hop properly. Here you can read how to join Swing Base. Our beginner courses last a total of 10 weeks (10x 1.25 hours). You will learn simple figures and important concepts of musicality and body understanding, which will support you as a dancer. Regular lessons for a beginner course are worthwhile. We get to know you better and can assist you better in your dancing. The next courses will start soon! Sign up now and save your place


You are not sure yet and would like to have a try with us? We have many open doors or drop-in classes at our events! Check our events! Look also at our recap video here.

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